VS Games 2015

VS-Games 2015 aims to meet the challenges of the cross-disciplinary community that work around non-leisure applications of games and game technologies by bringing the community together to share knowledge and experiences. In 2015 we will also aim to bridge the gap between so called serious games and entertainment games. The reason we chose to do this in Skövde in 2015 is the strong interest of University of Skövde and Sweden Game Arena in both areas and we sincerely believe that we can learn from each other.

The conference will explore games and virtual worlds in relation to:

  1. Applications (e.g. case studies, exemplars, practice examples) illustrating the practical usefulness and impact of serious games and virtual worlds
  2. Applications of entertainment games technologies and solutions in non-leisure contexts
  3. Methodologies, theories and frameworks (e.g. participatory design methods, mixed methodologies for data collection and analysis, cross-disciplinary methods)
  4. Evaluation approaches and studies

Full call for papers and other information available from: http://www.his.se/vsgames2015/